David Brecher Teleprompting

Promptin’ Circumstance, Inc., Not Just A Clever Name!

Dave Brecher started Promptin’ Circumstance in 2007 with a single computer, a BNC cable and a company name he thought would make his Dad laugh (Spoiler alert: it did). Prior to that, he had nearly a decade of “in the trenches” prompter experience. Amongst literally thousands of “gigs,” his work included: unauthorized run and gun videos in weird New York hotel rooms, panicked dot com bust stockholder meetings with flop sweating CEOs of failing conglomerates, and touring the planet with some of the world’s musical luminaries as their trusty “prompter magician.”
All the while, Dave paid rapt attention to the changing attitudes toward technology in production and he noticed that no prompter company used modern laptops; lighter, more versatile gear; or operators that weren’t weird or grumpy.

Over a decade later, Promptin’ Circumstance has become known the world over as one of the most trusted and prestigious Teleprompting companies in both New York and L.A. We’ve worked in 6 continents, (we’ll get there soon, Antarctica, and we’ll pronounce it correctly!), hundreds of countries, and nearly every state in the union. We’ve prompted tens of thousands of combined hours of world altering text and did it all without breaking a sweat (except on the load outs, unlike other companies, we don’t “white glove.”).

Our name may make Dads everywhere chuckle, but when clients hear it, they know they’re in good hands.

…That’s How We Scroll…

Prestige In Prompting

We only hire operators who not only know their ways around sets and various gear, but who also pass our stringent personality tests.

Don't Panic!

We keep all of our gear current and reliable. Everything leaves our Headquarters tested, certified and backed by an experienced onsite/offsite technical team.

We've Done It All.

At Promptin’ HQ, we’re always experimenting with new Tech. We’ll make teleprompting magic happen however and whenever you need it to.




  • Omaze
  • TBS
  • Samsung CES (We were called in after another company did this… We’re the fixers.
  • Glamour Women Of the Year
  • Hilary Clinton Presidential Campaign Announcement
  • Turner Upfronts (9 Years in a Row)
  • Clio Awards
  • Bank of America
  • Art Not War
  • Time 100
  • Nike
  • First Lady Michelle Obama, DSCC
  • Autism Speaks
  • Sony Upfronts
  • NBC
  • ESPN Desportes Upfronts
  • The Angel Ball
  • Queensboro State of the Borough Address
  • Casio Watches
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers
  • Verizon Wireless
  • The Good Fight (feat. President Obama)
  • Google / Youtube
  • Morgan Stanley
  • PSE&G
  • American Express
  • Moveon.org
  • Pepsi