A teleprompter is so many things to so many people! You’re here, so, the chances are you know the object itself and how it functions. If not, perhaps you’re looking for a teleporter? Understandable mistake. We are future minded after all.
We could go on and on about why your production needs us, but we’ll make it short. Our collective is made up of some of the smartest, sharpest, fastest, most instinctual operators the business has ever known. They’re extraordinary under high pressure!  We like to say that they can land a B-52 on the flight deck of a moving battleship in choppy waters (metaphorically, of course). And what’s more? None of them are grumpy OR weird!  (If you’ve ever worked with a grumpy prompter op (and oh, there are many), you know why this is HUGE.)

To us at Promptin’ Circumstance, teleprompter, or promptin’ is a way of life. Just try yelling “PROMPTER!” in a crowd and if a PC employee is around, he or she will snap to.
We’re a Mac based company. And to paraphrase the Apple motto of the late 90’s, “it just works,” anything you can hand us on whatever format, we’ll make it work.
Having said that, we prefer word or text with no tables. Pdfs can be done, but you should add a good hour onto the formatting time to make sure it’s solid.
Need to memorize a laundry list of things you have to recite back to a camera or crowd? Here, have a laundry list of ways Promptin’ Circumstance can benefit you:

  • The Script need not be memorized to be delivered with confidence, polish and accuracy.
  • Eliminates the need for notes, cue cards and index cards
  • Allows the speaker to focus more on style and delivery rather than memorizing content.
  • Enables presenter to maintain eye contact with the audience, be it live or on TV.
  • Reduces video production costs by making it easier to get longer and more accurate ‘takes.’ (We’re the fixers)
  • Makes complicated speeches and presentations consistent time after time.
  • Makes the talent feel cool. How often do you get a person dedicated with telling you what to say?
We don’t ask for much beyond a small table that can accommodate two MacBooks side by side. But if you reallllllly want to know, a teleprompter successfully performs his or her job with:
TV Sets / Trucks / Live Shows

  • An audio monitor with Pre-Fade audio from the talent and/or program
  • A Headset with the AD, the talent, the writers / producers dialed in
  • A return monitor showing our feed, so we know we’re sending signal.
  • If Necessary a feed. We generally show up with all outputs from VGA to Composite to HDSDI, but it’s always good to know ahead of time what we’re walking into


  • We’d love to know what type of camera you’re using ahead of time.
  • A robust tripod that can accept 20 lbs and over
While Promptin’ Circumstance boasts the best teleprompter operators in the business and the most robust, tested (and tested again) gear, sometimes there’s an issue that would stump Nikolai Tesla (pre-pigeons). Fear not! Our crack support team is available 24/7 and uses the highest of high technology to assess and solve problems.  Like internet providers, we like to boast 99% up time.
Oh, do we ever. We’re covered for anything you need us to be covered for. Just ask and we’ll supply a COI.
Fill out the form below to make a request for teleprompter. There you can inform us of your needs and concerns and we will get back to you ASAP!

Also free to either email us at: info@promptin.com or call us at 347-422-7625, and book some time?
You can take a look at our policies for travel info. Generally we either charge a delivery / pick up fee (depending on the whereabouts of the event) or we submit an invoice with a receipt for parking and tolls (if applicable) after the event ends.

Promptin’ Circumstance Terms and Conditions


  • Negotiated days are defined as: the closest quarter hour the operator arrives on set to the closest quarter hour the operator leaves.
  • **LUNCH IS ON THE CLOCK** (if we’re on the set, we’re on the clock). For example, an 8 hour day is defined as 9am to 5pm regardless of breaks (unless a break — off set — is provided as 4 hours or more).
  • As soon as an operator arrives on set, whether he or she teleprompts, it is considered a full day and charged as such. This applies to rehearsal days and set up / strike days.


  • Operator Overtime 8 to 12 hours: SEE QUOTATION
  • Operator Double time 13 to 16 hours: per hr. SEE QUOTATION


  • Mileage – .52 per mile over 50 miles each way (jobs occurring 50 miles or more outside of the NY, LA or Las Vegas Metro areas)
  • The hourly rate will be charged as portal to portal, meaning as soon as the operator leaves his or her house, the clock starts. The clock stops when he or she returns home (if on the same day).
  • Parking / tolls – price varies, will be submitted by receipt
  • Per Diem (Can vary city to city) generally: $60.00


  • 100% cancellation fee will apply if the job is cancelled 24 hours or less before the call time.
  • A 50% cancellation fee will apply if the job is cancelled between 24 and 48 hours notice.
  • ***If a start time (call time) is NOT established within 24 hours of the shoot date, it is ASSUMED to be 9am (yes, we’ve run into this before).*** Therefore, if you do not establish a call time the day before a shoot and cancel at, say, 1pm that day, your production will be responsible for a cancellation fee.


  • Operators must have at least a half hour meal break every 6 hours from the established call time (either catered or walk away).
  • A meal penalty of $75 / operator per hour until meal is provided beyond 6 hours.
  • (example: If the call time is noon, there must be a break for food before 6pm. If a meal is provided at 8pm, a penalty of $150 will be assessed)
  • Meals do not count against the day (meaning a half hour meal will not be deducted from the 8 hour or 10 hour day).
  • A meal provided while work is being done (ie. a plate is made and brought to the prompter station) will be subject to a $50 penalty. The operator must be allowed a decent amount of time to finish said meal or, well… see above.


  • If an operator is called for the same client within eight hours of the end of the previous call for the same client, then the operator will be in short turnaround.
  • Short turnaround will continue until reset by nine hours off or the end of the final call for the client, whichever is sooner. (this includes the portal to portal time)
  • An operator on short turnaround will be paid at the overtime rate established (SEE QUOTATION)

PAYMENT: Payment is due within 30 days of the final day of the production. Overdue payment is subject to a monthly fee every 30 days beyond the due date.

We accept Checks and all major Credit Cards (at a fee of 2.75% the final invoice total if swiped on site. 3.5% if entered manually.)